Stand Up Paddleboards

Come and join us to learn why stand up paddleboarding is the Jersey Shore’s fastest growing water sport! Rooted in ancient Hawaiian culture, stand up paddleboarding or “SUPing” as many call it, has come back to life. Originally the precursor to surfing, this stimulating activity is easy to learn and excellent for the mind, body, and soul.

Each of Brave New World's retail locations offer a top quality selection of paddleboards, including Bote Boards, Hobie, Riviera Paddlesurf, Boardworks, Surftech, and Doyle. We also carry all the gear and clothing you'll need to enjoy quality water time any time of year, including paddles from Kialoa, Boardworks and Trident, leashes from DaKine and FCS, PFDs from Hobie and Quiksilver, as well as a full range of wetsuits, gloves, footwear and water clothing from O'Neill, Quiksilver, Rip Curl and Xcel. Rentals are also available from late spring through early fall.

In just a short time, you can grab a paddle, step onto your paddleboard, and cruise around the calm waters of Barnegat Bay or inland and coastal rivers where you will enjoy great views through the relatively clear water where you will see crabs, fish, and other animals. More experienced can test their skills in the Atlantic surf.  Either way you’re going to get great exercise and have a blast enjoying the Jersey Shore in a fun exciting way that some say is almost like, “walking on water!”

Good news! You need just a few key pieces of equipment to enjoy this sport.

• Stand up paddleboard: This is by far your most significant gear investment. Sizes are based on the paddler's weight and experience.

• Paddle: A great way to choose the right paddle length is to raise you arm straight up, the paddle handle should be at your wrist. Some prefer an inch or two shorter if surfing.

• PFD (Personal Flotation Device): The U.S. Coast Guard classifies stand up paddleboards as vessels, so always wear a PFD whenever you're paddling navigable water. One popular option is the inflatable PFD, typically in a belt pack that is unobtrusive yet immediately deployable.

• Proper clothing: For cool conditions where hypothermia is a concern, wear a wetsuit or dry suit. In milder conditions, wear shorts and a T-shirt or bathing suit... something that moves with you and can get wet.

• Sun protection: Wear sunscreen and sunglasses.

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